Get All Your Holiday Shopping Done on Black Friday

It is now possible to get all your shopping done on Black Friday!

But, wait, I hear you say, how is it possible to drive to all stores offering Door Buster and time-limited sales during the few hours they offer those prices on Black Friday?

Well, there are several tactics you can employ to accomplish all your holiday shopping on Black Friday.

The first is relatively simple and takes just a bit of thinking and a minimum of preplanning. Make a list of everyone you are going to shop for and only go to one store. You can get a copy of the Black Friday ad well enough in advance to know exactly what is on sale and for how long and plan your list accordingly.

If you don’t want to buy everyone a similar gift, you can plan on shopping at a store offering a full range of products like the larger Walmarts and Kmarts and Target.

If your list can be narrowed down to electronics and music, you might plan on visiting Best Buy.

However, in this case, you may have to plan on spending most of Thanksgiving Day and all of Thanksgiving night outside the store. Last year, Best Buy opened its doors at midnight and thousands of people nationwide spent their holiday camping out at the stores.

A less intensive way of getting all your shopping done on Black Friday is to take advantage of the online stores all major retailers operate. Not only will they have the same prices on the merchandise carried in their stores, but nearly all of them will open their online shopping several days before Black Friday. Some will also offer free, or discounted, shipping charges to make it worth your while.

No matter which tactic you choose, or if you choose a combination of both, it is possible to complete all your holiday shopping on Black Friday.

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